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Our ambition is to develop Trøndelag into becoming a creative region, known for its generating powers and creativity.

Creative Trøndelag concerns the ambition to promote and develop values.

The region will become an even better place to live in – more exciting for the inhabitants and more attractive to people from outside.

Trøndelag is to become an international arena for people, knowledge and culture.

By means of the coordinated promotion of talents, technology, culture and tolerance, we mean to facilitate the conditions for releasing each individual’s potential and skills. We aim to think anew, break new ground and help each other improve. We will thus build a vigorous and tolerant Trøndelag.

Welcome to Creative Trøndelag.

International meeting place
Cultural activities and production of knowledge are the most important assets of this region. Successful growth and dynamic development requires a climate hallmarked by frankness, pluralism and good human environments. Our task is therefore to make conditions favourable for Trøndelag to become an international meeting place for people, knowledge, and culture. We will create a climate of open mindedness that can open the door to creativity in trades and industries and further development of cultural activities. We will, in short, make Trøndelag a better and more interesting place to live. Read more

High tempo and great optimism

A high tempo and great optimism characterise business in both North and South Trøndelag. Growth is particularly strong in the oil supplier sector and in services targeted at the business community. There is a great deal of optimism regarding the future, and there are firm expectations of continued growth.

The two counties complement each other well, and primary industry also plays an important role. The oil supply sector and the service sector are forecast to show the strongest growth. With the exception of the trade sector, all business areas are increasing their investments.

Kindergartens mean more investment.
The construction of kindergartens is contributing to increasing investment in
the municipalities. The service sector is also investing heavily. In general terms, profitability is developing positively, although the trade sector is reporting unchanged profitability. What is more, there are indications that profitability in the building and construction sector is improving. As regards the export industry and the service sector, both are enjoying good growth in profitability.

Employment in the region is growing, with unemployment at its lowest level for five years. In the industrial and trade sectors, employment remains constant, while in the building and construction industry and the service sector, it is growing strongly.
There are also clear indications that public sector employment is on the rise.
It is likely that the price of goods and services intended for private households will rise only moderately in the near future. There are more indications than previously that prices are now increasing in building and construction. Consumer goods prices have increased, but the rate of increase is still low, even after the turnaround in market conditions.

Going well
The business community is going well in the region. The proportion of
businesses reporting profits was the highest in ten years. The speed of centralisation of the population has increased in recent years, and it is primarily the areas around the biggest towns and cities that have enjoyed the greatest growth. Nevertheless, the business communities in more rural districts have also developed positively.

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